Faculty Quality Assurance Unit

Faculty Quality Assurance Unit


The realization of an independent and professional internal quality assurance center.


1.Encouraging human resources within Trisakti University to always have awareness and responsibility for academic and non-academic quality.

2. Continuously improve BJM competence so that it can handle academic and non-academic quality assurance independently, professionally and collegially.

3. Promote, create, develop and maintain a sustainable academic and non-academic quality assurance system.


1. Ensure the quality of education implementation to produce graduates who are professional, responsible, able to compete at national and international levels, and able to develop themselves.

2. Ensuring the quality of conducting research that is of good quality and beneficial to the community, at the national and international levels.

3. Ensure the quality of social services that meet the needs and satisfaction of the community.

4. Improve the continuous improvement of the academic management system within Trisakti University in providing academic services and administrative services to stakeholders, both internally (students, lecturers and education staff) and externally (society, business world, professional associations and government) .



1. Planning, controlling and developing an internal quality assurance system in all units consistently and continuously.

2. Monitoring and evaluation of the academic process which includes the tridharma of higher education and non-academic processes of a general nature on an ongoing basis.

3. Implementation of periodic internal quality audits of academic and non-academic processes in all units.

4. Increasing the accreditation of study programs and institutions.


1. Plan, control and develop an internal quality assurance system that includes academic programs of education, research, and community service as well as general non-academic programs and activities in a consistent and sustainable manner.

2. Monitoring and evaluating the academic process which includes the tridharma of higher education and non-academic processes.

3. Provide assistance to the implementation of process procedures in an effort to increase the accreditation of study programs.

4. Conducting internal quality audits on academic and non-academic processes periodically.

5. Carry out a study on the results of the implementation of quality assurance carried out by the Faculty/Institution/Unit.

6. Carry out a study and instructional development on the implementation of the learning process carried out by the Faculty, especially the study program.

7. Submit the results of the study to the Chancellor with copies to the Vice Chancellors.


The Quality Assurance Agency (BJM) is structurally responsible to the Chancellor, and in daily tasks is under coordination with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for the academic field and the Vice Chancellor for General Administration and Finance for the non-academic field.The BJM organization consists of the Director, Head of Secretariat, Head of Quality Assurance System Development, Head of Internal Quality Audit, Head of Accreditation, and Head of Instructional Assessment and Development.


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