Senate Membership

Senate Membership

The Faculty Senate is the highest normative and representative body in the Faculty whose decisions are the basis for the faculty leadership in carrying out their duties. Members of the Faculty Senate are appointed and dismissed by the Chair of the University Senate at the suggestion of the Dean after receiving consideration from the Chair of the Faculty Senate.In carrying out its duties, the Faculty Senate establishes commissions and may form an Ad Hoc Commission whose members consist of Members of the Faculty Senate, and if necessary, other members who are not members of the Faculty Senate may be added. The duties and functions of the University Senate are as follows:

1. Formulate and determine academic policies and directions for the development of the Faculty,

2. Formulate and establish norms and benchmarks for the implementation,

3. Formulate and establish norms and benchmarks for the success of budget management,

4. Giving consideration to the Chancellor in the appointment and dismissal of Structural officials

The following is the Membership Structure of the Law Faculty Senate: